Jerry Harris, congratulations on your promotion!

We are so pleased and proud to announce that Jerry Harris has been officially promoted to Support Center Manager at Intouch IT.

Jerry has been with us for a few years now and has become indispensable. In addition to be one of the most likeable guys on the planet, he is certified in Support Center Management and has been doing an excellent job of streamlining our processes and procedures which have had to be adjusted rapidly and efficiently as we have grown.

Intouch IT growing…and growing.

We’ve got more staff! Our clients are keeping us busy, which is a good thing! We’ve added a new support center staff member which means we now have a team of 8 working hard to serve our clients.

Please join us in welcoming Fernando Ruiz. Fernando is our newest team member and will be working in our Support Center.

Cloud Computing Myths

We are helping more and more clients migrate aspects of their businesses to the cloud and as we do, we are realizing that there are a lot of misconceptions about what the cloud is, how it can be useful, and when it is and is not appropriate. Mike Remer found this article on cloud computing myths and wanted to share this with you.

Are You A Slave to Your Email?: 9 Tips To Get Back In Control

Feeling like the majority of your day is spent sorting through, responding to, or being interrupted by your email? It’s time to reign in that email monster and get it working for you rather than against you once again. Imagine the glory of it all when you open up your email box to find it (queue the trumpets) empty!

Here are some tips I've compiled that will help you get back in control of your inbox:

Utilize filters.

OTHER Ways to Prevent Virus Infections…

Did you know that you can do more to protect yourself from viruses and spyware than just have good, up to date antivirus software?

Entire networks of computers (workstations and servers) can be protected by purchasing and installing a Unified Threat Management device (UTM). UTM Devices protect ALL computers on your network from viruses, spyware and SPAM. UTM products come in many flavors and many sizes.

Your Business Technology – Multitasking Tool or Distraction?

Many of us herald our abilities to multitask these days, citing our computers, smartphones and the like as the tools that help us get things done. Our constant access to email and the internet allow us to always stay connected and receive updates regarding important information every moment of our day.