Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your system and business data from all types of online threats and attacks

Preventing cyberattacks is better than responding to cyberattacks

When a cyberthreat hits your business, chances are it’s already too late. This is why we believe that when it comes to cyberthreats, prevention is better than cure. Keep all types of cyberthreats out of your system by partnering with In-Touch Computer Services, Inc. today.

We deploy a comprehensive cybersecurity system that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to stay one step ahead of cyberthreats at all times. We also provide endpoint monitoring, dark web research, encryption, and SIEM solutions to keep any conceivable online threat at bay.

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In-Touch’s Cybersecurity Solutions will benefit your business with:

Email protection

90% of breaches start from email phishing attacks — our email protection solutions snuff out threats at the source

Dark web monitoring

We scan the dark web and act to prevent the spread of any stolen data or credentials from your organization, we will notify you if a breach has occurred and work with you to recover lost information.

Mobile device security

Security tools that allow your team to safely work in the field, from their homes, or wherever they need to be

Cybersecurity training

Security experts widely acknowledge that end users are the most vulnerable components of any IT system. Our cybersecurity education for your staff will turn them into security assets, not liabilities

Backup and disaster recovery

Ensures that your business can continue operating after any disaster or downtime event