Business Continuity

Affordable and effective disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Gain peace of mind knowing your business can recover from any disaster

Disasters and downtime events have very real financial implications for businesses, especially SMBs. Even an hour of downtime can give your competition a significant edge. To keep this from happening, you should have a way to protect your data in the event of a disaster, and then have a way to quickly recover it once you are able to resume operations. This is called business continuity.

A great way to stay confident and enjoy business continuity is by leaning on a reputable backup and disaster recovery solutions provider like In-Touch Computer Services, Inc. Our team of IT experts will help you implement a backup strategy that suits your needs and ensures your data has fresh redundancies should a disaster strike. They will also be on hand to help you get your business up and running as quickly as possible after a downtime event.

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In-Touch’s Business Continuity solutions will help you:

Minimize your financial losses

Downtimes are costly because your business cannot make money if it isn’t operating. With In-Touch, your business will be back up and running in minutes, not days

Meet regulatory requirements

Many data regulations these days require backups to prevent data loss. Deploying a business continuity solution allows you to protect your business and stay compliant.

Improve your business image

Your clients will be happy to hear that you are taking extra steps to protect their data

Gain a competitive advantage

Having a business continuity plan ensures that you can get back to business as soon as possible, which can give you an advantage over your competitors