Healthcare IT

We diagnose your technology’s pain points

Healthcare data needs to be secure and private. With strict compliance regulations for automating Electronic Medical Records (EMR), your healthcare business has a lot to worry about. In-Touch Computer Services takes care of the critical privacy aspects of managing patients’ PII (personally identifiable information) so you have a trusted IT partner by your side.

healthcare IT solutions ensure all your medical data are stored, transferred, and managed in a secure IT environment.

In-Touch Computer Services relieves you of typical tech hassles by:

  • Ensuring compliance with ALL regulations on privacy and other compliance issues, including HIPAA and other legislation
  • Enhancing your healthcare data management techniques
  • Fortifying your networks, sealing off security vulnerabilities
  • Actively updating necessary software and related programs

We provide cost-effective, disruption-free technology services, updates, and ongoing assistance that helps you streamline the flow of information in your healthcare practice.

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