We’ve found a Gold Mine

Not too long ago, it dawned on me and Mike that we were sitting on a gold mine of information. We work with some of the very best companies in town, from telephone providers, to advertising companies, to great nonprofits and a little of everything in between! Since our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their business mission and not just fix computers, we thought we might tap into that pool of talent and start bringing you some of the information we are privy to through our newsletter! This month, we will be featuring a guest article written by the owner of one of Gainesville’s very best magazines who will be sharing with you some insider advice on what to consider BEFORE you advertise! So keep an eye out for our secret guest to be revealed in our newsletter in the next few days!
-Heather Parbst

No! You don’t have to put up with that from your I.T. guy!

Many business owners may not realize this, but the computer services field is not regulated. Pretty much any Tom, Dick or Mary can put up a shingle and call themselves a computer expert. This can leave consumers in a bit of a quandary. Particularly since so many stereotypes exist about technology professionals, business owners often find themselves wondering whether they just have to "accept" the eccentricities and unprofessional manner of their technology team, or whether they should start asking their friends if they know of a good computer services company.

Helping Haile’s Angels is a Win Win Win Win!

We all know unwanted animals are a huge problem leading to so many animals being euthanized needlessly every year. So for this next month, we’ve decided to help! We’d like to propose a QUADRUPLE WIN SITUATION (how often does that happen?). Between now and April 30th, simply go to Intouch-IT’s referral page, fill out the form to refer another business owner that you personally know and let us know why they could use our services.

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