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5 IT New Year’s resolutions for businesses

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2023 ignited a tech revolution, reshaped workforces, and stirred every security worry under the sun. Now, as we face a new year, one that’s ripe for reinvention, IT resolutions demand thoughtful planning. Ditching the old for the shiny new is a recipe for chaos. The most potent resolutions are those built to last, subtle tweaks that evolve over time, granting IT leaders year-long serenity.

1. Focus on cybersecurity all year long

Instead of simply worrying about cybersecurity in 2024, let’s be obsessed with it. This starts with recommitting to the fundamentals, specifically patch management, layered defenses, and a strong disaster response plan. 

Patch management, an age-old but potent weapon against evolving threats, must be revisited and reinvigorated. You should also layer defenses, leveraging innovative solutions take over routine tasks, freeing up resources for proactive measures such as continuous threat monitoring, hunting, anomaly detection, data loss prevention, and application profiling. Finally, implement a bulletproof response plan. When attacks inevitably occur, you must be ready to combat them swiftly and effectively, minimizing damage and restoring normal operations.

2. Empower mobile capabilities for your workforce

In 2024, we must resolve to fortify the foundations of remote work with robust security. This means bolstering defenses within:

  • Tighter access controls: Implement granular roles-based access to ensure only authorized personnel access sensitive data and systems.
  • Comprehensive security policies: Establish clear guidelines for data handling, password management, and acceptable use of remote technology.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions: Shield against accidental or malicious data leaks with proactive tools that monitor and restrict data movement.
  • Proactive security features: Leverage features such as multifactor authentication, encryption, and endpoint security to create a multilayered web of protection.

Investing in these measures isn’t just about securing the present; it’s about future-proofing your remote work model. By prioritizing security alongside technological transformation, businesses can embrace the advantages of a flexible workforce while minimizing risk and safeguarding sensitive information.

3. Commit to a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery (DR) used to be the quiet cousin of the tech world, overshadowed by shiny gadgets and cutting-edge solutions. But post-2020, the world has woken up to the harsh reality of the unexpected. In this new digital business landscape, there’s no better time to transform disaster preparedness from afterthought to cornerstone.

Forget piecemeal measures — infuse DR into every fiber of your IT stack. Cloud technology has made resilience and redundancy as accessible as any other service. You now have a wealth of options to choose from, such as securing applications across multiple clouds, replicating sensitive configurations, building disaster-proof networks, and implementing layered security fail-safes. Diversifying your platforms lets you create a web of interconnected protection, ensuring no single point of failure can bring your operations to a standstill.

Remember, DR isn’t just about reacting to the worst-case scenario. It’s also about building proactive resilience that lets you emerge from any disruption stronger than before. 

4. Allow the cloud to optimize your operations

Businesses seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace must look beyond traditional infrastructure. Embracing the cloud empowers organizations to streamline operations through unparalleled scalability and agility. Forget expensive upfront investments in hardware and software; the cloud delivers resource flexibility, effortlessly growing or shrinking to meet fluctuating demands. On the cloud, cutting-edge technologies and services are readily accessible, propelling innovation and efficiency within reach. Collaboration also thrives, transcending geographical boundaries, while data security elevates with robust cloud-based infrastructure.

5. Develop IT talent

Developing internal expertise unlocks a cascade of benefits for businesses: soaring efficiency, heightened security, and unfettered innovation. By nurturing an IT workforce, companies transform from passive consumers of technology to empowered creators, able to mold solutions to their specific needs. This internal knowledge fosters agility, enabling businesses to navigate the ever-shifting digital terrain and seize emerging opportunities before the competition even blinks.

By implementing these IT resolutions, you’ll set your business on a path of heightened security, seamless efficiency, and boundless innovation. 

Remember, just like personal resolutions, IT goals benefit from a plan. Start your 2024 IT planning by reaching out to In- Touch Computer Services’ team of experienced technology experts. We’ll help put together a technology roadmap that meets your budget and covers all your IT needs. Contact us today.