How 5G technology will impact cloud computing

5G technology — the latest generation of network connectivity — has everyone looking forward to these benefits:

Faster connection speeds – download a movie in mere seconds
Reduced network latency – experience nearly unnoticeable network lag, if any
Greater network bandwidth – never lose network service, even when you enter a stadium full of network users

This all means that 5G dramatically increases our capacity to transmit data.

Tips to prep your tech this holiday season

With plenty more shopping sprees and holiday sales on the horizon, having the right tech can keep your business on top of its game. According to Adobe Analytics, companies can expect a 33% surge in digital spending this season, spurred by quarantine measures due to COVID-19. Should brick-and-mortar stores be forced to close once again, the gains may be even greater.

Signs your online accounts have been hacked (and how to secure them)

With most of the world now active on social media, individual privacy has never been more vulnerable. This is especially because social media provides cybercriminals with multiple entry points to one’s personal, financial, and business information.

Fortunately, most social media platforms offer tools and services for monitoring and preventing hacker activity.

5 Common mistakes to avoid when buying new hardware

Investing in new tech can be as challenging as it is exciting. Buyers often fall into the trap of investing in the shiniest new IT trend, forgetting proper research and preparation before making the upgrade.

Whether you’re buying a new gadget or simply looking to add new features, we discuss some of the most common shopping mistakes below, and how you can avoid buyer’s remorse.

Tips to make security training more engaging

Crucial as the topic may be, security training isn’t one’s typical idea of “fun.” Nevertheless, it’s necessary and, if implemented correctly, reduces cybersecurity risks by 10–15%.

Unfortunately, statistics from The Chubb’s latest cyber report show that while 70% of respondents believe their company has “good” or “excellent” security practices, only 31% of them receive the annual updates or training they need from their employer.

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