Security Services

Boost your security system with an employee awareness training program and a thorough security assessment

Based on an IBM study, 95% of breaches happened due to employee negligence. This is why it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees -- who pose the biggest threat to compromising your networks -- are professionally trained for security awareness.

The In-Touch IT team will train your employees to identify internal and external security threats; detect phishing scams on emails, websites, and phone calls; and better manage and protect their passwords. As a bonus, we will also conduct a thorough infrastructure evaluation to ensure you stay compliant from industry standards and to protect your business on all fronts.

Security Assessment

After a thorough security assessment, we will provide you with an exhaustive report that contains:

  • A comprehensive summary
  • A general overview of the assessment scope and objectives
  • Assessment assumptions and limitations
  • Methodologies used
  • An illustration and design of the current systems environment with diagrams
  • Security requirements
  • A complete summary of findings and recommendations
    • General control results
    • Vulnerability test
    • Identified assets, impact and likelihood findings, threats, vulnerabilities, and risk analysis
  • Plan of action

Want to upgrade your defenses?

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