Data Backup

Eliminate risks, eliminate worries

Lacking a disaster contingency plan harms your business more than you think it does. Without backups, you’re at risk of losing all your data... and closing up shop.

As a small- or medium-sized business, protecting your digital assets should be one of your top priorities. With In-Touch Computer Services’s Data Backup plans, you get enterprise-grade protection, including secure and reliable offsite backups, and an all-inclusive, multi-platform solution that’s budget-friendly.

In-Touch Computer Services’s Data Backup plans:

  • Eliminate single points of failure - by spreading out your backups around the world
  • Provide round-the-clock data protection - we capture and upload snapshots of file changes so you can easily recover files you’ve worked on throughout the day
  • Significantly reduce downtime events and data loss - through backups that get your business quickly back on its feet
  • Ensure fast, integrated backups - that don’t slow down your internet and that seamlessly integrate your existing software and operating systems with the backup’s new infrastructure
  • Deliver reliable insight - our business continuity plans come with extensive reports and updates on your ongoing backup

Fire, earthquake, theft, main server crash — guard your business against these and other disasters with In-Touch Computer Services’s Data Backup.

Protect everything you’ve worked hard for.

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