When is it time to get a new computer?

As powerful some devices claim to be, they don’t last forever. Your trusted desktop PCs will eventually warrant replacement.

This is inevitable for both Mac and PC users, though some may argue for Macs having a longer life span (mainly due to Apple’s strong service support).

Regardless of the developer, most computers last between five and eight years, with a minimum life span of three years.

A guide for returning to the workplace

As businesses strive for economic stability in the wake of the coronavirus, recent surveys conducted by CNBC reveal that most large corporations are planning to have over half of their workforce back on site in September. Major factors such as a potential vaccine (albeit vague, uncertain progress toward one) and a possible second wave of infections, however, have made the plan for transition an incredibly complex one.

How to improve the quality of video conference calls

Video conference calls are now a vital part of any modern workplace, paving the way for more efficient teleworking activities.

According to recent studies, 76% of workers use this technology to work remotely, with nearly all experiencing a significant increase in productivity, workplace connection, and enhanced work-life balance.

Host a Love That Dress Party

If you are looking for an excuse to have a party, here it is! PACE Center for Girls of Alachua is currently seeking individuals interested in hosting LTD parties now through the month of August. Have fun with friends while collecting gently used women’s and girl’s clothing for us to sell during our Love That Dress event in September.

Open Support Requests With Us Online

Our ticketing software implementation is "pretty much" complete (thank goodness). You now can open tickets remotely by going to support.computercarellc.com and signing in with your username and password. If you don't have either of those items, talk with the IT contact person for your company, or give us a call and we can get you set up in a jiffy! You will find this process for opening support calls quick and easy and your request goes straight to the dashboard of our super awesome technicians for them to see immediately.

A New Voice On the Phone

Please join me in welcoming Jerry Parham to the Intouch-ITteam (yes, that means we now have two Jerrys). Jerry Parham will be handling help desk calls along with Jerry Harris (our current friendly voice). Jerry Parham will also be handling shop work and performing preventative maintenance visits for our service plan clients.

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