When is it time to get a new computer?

As powerful some devices claim to be, they don’t last forever. Your trusted desktop PCs will eventually warrant replacement.

This is inevitable for both Mac and PC users, though some may argue for Macs having a longer life span (mainly due to Apple’s strong service support).

Regardless of the developer, most computers last between five and eight years, with a minimum life span of three years.

Now Offering Online Security Awareness Training

Intouch-IT is excited to announce our newest service – online security awareness training. Cybersecurity is a big issue these days. I don’t think I have to tell you that. It is in the headlines almost every day. Hackers are going after companies and trying to defraud them all the time through ransomware, stealing sensitive company data, social engineering, phishing attacks or a combination of these techniques.

Have you performed your Risk Assessment?

December 31 is a very important date if you are a medical provider participating in the EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Program.

If you are attesting for HER Meaningful Use Incentive Program benefits using a 2014 reporting period, you must complete your required Security Risk Assessment by December 31. The Security Risk Assessment is needed to satisfy Core Objective 15 in Stage 1, and Core Objective 9 in Stage 2 of the program.

Why You Need a Spare Computer

One of the great advantages to taking a proactive approach to your technology is the reduction in costly downtime. Remote monitoring and management is a great way to help reduce downtime. Patches can be applied as they become available and general maintenance can be performed to help prevent failures.

Now Offering HIPAA Compliance Services

Ask any medical provider and they will tell you that HIPAA compliance can be a pain. The information can be convoluted and cumbersome. We recognize that medical providers need to be treating patients, not performing HIPAA risk assessments. That’s why we’ve added HIPAA Risk Assessments and ongoing HIPAA Compliance to our list of service offerings.


Steve Gibson joins Leo to talk about a dangerous new virus called CyptoLocker. Steve says an alarming number of people are falling victim to it. CyptoLock locks out all user data files and uses strong encryption on them. Leo calls it ransomware, but this is at a new level.

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