Tips to prep your tech this holiday season

Tips to prep your tech this holiday season

With plenty more shopping sprees and holiday sales on the horizon, having the right tech can keep your business on top of its game. According to Adobe Analytics, companies can expect a 33% surge in digital spending this season, spurred by quarantine measures due to COVID-19. Should brick-and-mortar stores be forced to close once again, the gains may be even greater.

To ensure smooth, efficient business this holiday season, we discuss our key tips for keeping your tech in optimum shape.

Prepare for holiday sales

‘Tis the season for busy shoppers, with queues of customer orders and inquiries headed your way. To ease the service process for both you and your staff, ensure new arrivals or sale items have been added to your POS system, your website and social media are updated with the latest promotions, and an appropriate customer feedback system is implemented.

Aside from questions, reviews, or complaints, collecting more demographically focused data on your customers (i.e., their age, where they are from, how they discovered your company, etc.) can also offer your business with valuable insights for future reference. With the year’s peak shopping season set to take place, you’ve got the optimum sample size for such information.

Ensure a strong internet connection

To maintain an efficient, user-friendly shopping experience, a strong, reliable internet connection is critical. With plenty more customers shopping from your website, it helps to boost your Wi-Fi connection by upgrading your router or internet service provider. The more users you have, the more likely you are to strain your network. A stable connection can help keep the sales coming.

Schedule your social media posts ahead of time

Connecting with your online followers, target audiences, and regular customers is all the more crucial in a season as eventful and celebrated as Christmas/New Year’s. This is the best time to get creative and plan new giveaways, competitions, and introduce new gift items or product sets. But with a surge of customer demands to tend to, it can be tempting to let your Twitter and Instagram updates fall by the wayside.

Avoid abandoning your social media routine by using online scheduling tools, such as Buffer or Hootsuite, to plan and prepare your posts ahead of time. This way, you’ll maintain an active, online presence while simultaneously providing quality customer service.

Update your software and protect your data

Before diving into the chaos of the holiday shopping season, achieve optimal business performance by keeping your software up to date. Ensure all necessary devices are running on the latest version of their operating systems, as this prevents unnecessary lags, connectivity issues, and slow processes.

Additionally, take the time to upgrade or implement new security measures. As cybercrimes are likely to spike during the busy Christmas season (with criminals ready to exploit the influx of online activity), it pays to have an extra layer of data protection. At the very least, you should use the latest anti-malware software, firewalls, VPNs, and data backups to secure your sensitive information.

Promote online self-service options

Lastly, offering customers alternative self-service options can relieve your tech support of extra work, while also eliminating long, inconvenient queues as users wait for assistance. By providing instant methods of product support, customers can get the help they need right away, pushing forward a potential sale.

Self-assistance options can be done in multiple ways, with popular methods being a detailed FAQ page, email support, and live chat. Live chats with staff, in particular, provide customers with immediate, customized responses to their specific questions, instantly enhancing their online shopping experience.

Looking for a holiday tech boost?

Whether it’s to strengthen your security systems or to provide an extra hand with IT management, InTouch IT has all the tech solutions you need for a productive holiday season. Don’t let the busy weeks drag your business down — get in touch today to see how we can help.

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