5 Technology resolutions for 2021

5 Technology resolutions for 2021

The new year is just around the corner, and as a milestone for reflection, new goals, and positive change, it’s the best time to evaluate your business needs and ways to improve for 2021. To give your company operations a major boost, assessing your technology is a good place to start.

As digital tools and devices make up the backbone of most modern businesses, it pays to optimize and maintain these key elements in the workplace. We’ve compiled top tips for adapting your company to the latest trends and technological needs, and how InTouch IT’s services can help.

Enhance remote working and collaboration tools

With 88% of US businesses telecommuting amidst the pandemic and beyond, it helps to have the appropriate tools and technology for sustaining a productive work from home setup.

Businesses looking to telecommute permanently must equip their workers with the proper workstations, software, and peripheral devices (i.e., scanners, microphones, webcams, etc.) to perform their work efficiently. Ensuring fast, secure internet connections is also vital to maintaining optimal productivity.

Aside from the proper technologies and ergonomic equipment, be sure to have high-quality collaborative tools for enhancing teamwork and communication. This includes cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft 365, which offer convenient file sharing, project management, and collaborative scheduling tools to boost efficiency.

Leverage data and analytics

Big data has never been a more pressing tech concern, with online users now creating countless bytes of data per day. This mass amount of information is both a blessing and a curse among businesses, with unstructured, raw data sets a common issue among 95% of businesses.

It thus pays to hire people with the right skills and adopt the appropriate technologies for gathering, managing, and analyzing such data. Doing so will help you reap valuable business insights for current and future activities. Fostering a culture of data-driven strategies can lead to more informed business decisions, paving the way for greater profits and opportunities for the new year.

Boost your cybersecurity

Cybercriminal tactics have grown ever-more sophisticated, with malware breaches, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and phishing scams among the most popular methods of attack.
With the new year expecting a higher demand for security services, it may be worth assessing your current safeguards and ways to improve data protection.

Ensure all your current solutions are up to date and meeting business needs. If necessary, take the time to review new services or products (whether to replace or add to your current measures) to tighten security. Invest in further security training to boost workplace skills and awareness, and consider adopting a zero trust security model to keep risks at a minimum.

Improve customer experience

Finally, consider investing in new technology to improve your customer service. Plenty of businesses now leverage automated tools to boost service efficiency and staff productivity. These include automatic emails, surveys, and platforms that automatically organize and queue support tickets based on urgency and importance. Automating these mundane tasks allow employees to focus on more critical business activities, improving workplace productivity.

AI-based tools have also been on the rise, with many used to provide users with a quick, instant, yet personalised customer experience. Live chats are a prime example of this. These are nifty support tools that handle commonly asked, simple questions a customer may have, referring them to helpful articles or providing them with appropriate, automated replies.

If your business hasn’t yet, it’s also wise to invest in a brand-exclusive mobile app. This offers customers a more simplified, accessible experience to take with them wherever they go.

Need to upgrade your tech for the new year?

The right digital tools and equipment can help prime your business for a successful 2021. InTouch IT offers a wide variety of cutting-edge IT solutions, from managed services to high-grade cybersecurity. Kick off the new year with the latest technology, and inquire with us today.

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