Tips to make security training more engaging

Tips to make security training more engaging

Crucial as the topic may be, security training isn’t one’s typical idea of “fun.” Nevertheless, it’s necessary and, if implemented correctly, reduces cybersecurity risks by 10–15%.

Unfortunately, statistics from The Chubb’s latest cyber report show that while 70% of respondents believe their company has “good” or “excellent” security practices, only 31% of them receive the annual updates or training they need from their employer. Additionally, Infosec data reveals how training doesn’t always bear fruitful results, with workers still prone to careless practices and risky behavior.

This is why it’s so crucial to establish an effective training program that sticks. Here are some useful tips to help you do just that.

Roleplay potential scenarios

Simulating hypothetical situations helps employees grasp common security incidents and how to navigate them. It allows them to put their theory to practice, forming better security habits.
For example, role-playing common forms of social engineering attacks (i.e., email scams, phishing links, etc.) raises awareness of these methods while equipping workers with the practical skills needed to identify and evade these attempts.

Placing workers in the shoes of each key role in a cybersecurity incident, such as the CISO/CIO, the hacker, a response team member, and the victim, can also grant them a better understanding of the protocols involved and the brevity of such situations.

Gamify your training

Rather than sticking to traditional, instructor-led training sessions, try and turn security awareness into a game.

Employees can routinely can take part in a cybersecurity-related activity that both tests and improves their knowledge. For example, you could send out a fake phishing email every now and again and challenge your employees to try and spot it first. You could divide your workplace into teams and simulate a cyberattack, rewarding the group with the best reaction time and incident management response.

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, and gamifying cybersecurity will incentivize your workers to stay on top of their knowledge and practices.

Assign interactive quizzes

Experts also recommend the use of online learning management systems (LMS) for simple, yet effective training.

Through these platforms, employees can engage in interactive online activities that refresh and build on their cybersecurity awareness. These can range from typical pop quizzes and PowerPoint presentations to mini-games that test their knowledge.

An LMS can even be gamified with rewards and incentives to improve participation, and set up a scoreboard when employees log in. Once again, encouraging friendly competition can improve motivation, team spirit, and overall workplace morale.

Spice it up with videos

Avoid dry and dull training sessions by mixing up your text-based modules with entertaining video content. Conveying your message through fast-paced, creative visuals not only holds your workers’ attention spans longer, but also allows you to share a wide range of information in a short amount of time.

They needn’t be all corporate and serious, either. Experts suggest introducing silly or comedic content every once in a while to get your point across. This could be as simple as a well-known viral video that hammers your message home, or parodic content that tackles the same themes and message. By keeping your security training entertaining, employees can better absorb and retain the information they’re given.

Keep it relatable

Lastly, it’s important to personalize your training to keep it relevant and relatable. Provide a training program that best resonates with your employees. Plenty of organizations, such as InTouch IT, offer customizable security training, helping educate your workers in ways that best fit their needs and overall company goals.

Workers must be able to empathize and see themselves in the hypothetical scenarios created, as this gives them a reason to care and pull their weight. Place your people at the forefront of training above all else — and the message is sure to stick.

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