How to improve the quality of video conference calls

How to improve the quality of video conference calls

Video conference calls are now a vital part of any modern workplace, paving the way for more efficient teleworking activities.

According to recent studies, 76% of workers use this technology to work remotely, with nearly all experiencing a significant increase in productivity, workplace connection, and enhanced work-life balance.

Of course, maintaining a high video quality and speedy internet connection is crucial to reaping these benefits. Below, we explore five effective ways of improving the quality of your video conference calls, helping you increase collaboration and communication.

Eliminate unnecessary background noise

A common issue during video conferences is background noise overwhelming or distracting other callers. To prevent this, it’s best to find a quiet place to join your call; this means avoiding public areas such as cafes, public transportation, parks, or offices with open windows.

If you’re working from home, try and find a room free of pets, children, and background TV noises. Keep windows shut and use a desk lamp to achieve a soft fill lighting for your face.
If a completely quiet environment isn’t feasible, you can always enable your “mute” button when you aren’t talking. Keep in mind that this may not always be doable during more active, participatory discussions.

Have the right gear

Video conference callers are recommended to use a headset for the best audio experience. Not only does a headset amplify your voice, but it also filters out any outside noises, achieving a more clear, crisp line of communication.

Additionally, using a headset frees up your hands, allowing you to take notes or collaborate on a shared document during the call.

For reliable internet connection, it’s worth using an ethernet cable to avoid any potential lags in speed or sudden dropouts. Laptop users must also have a charger handy, as long video calls will often drain the battery quickly.

Practice proper etiquette

As with any business meeting or conference, it’s important to maintain professionalism. Basic video call etiquette includes logging in on time, resisting the urge to multitask, not interrupting other speakers, and preventing yourself from speaking for long, unreasonable stretches of time.

It can help to have a moderator to ensure everyone behaves appropriately and is kept on track with the agenda. This way, the conference can end on time, ensuring time is used efficiently.
Dressing in appropriate attire (from the waist up, at least) is also important, with some employers preferring their workers to wear clothing “similar to [what they’d wear to] an in-office meeting”. Steer clear of checks or stripes, which can often blur on camera or be a distraction.

Get rid of bandwidth hogs

Keeping your internet activity in check is a vital step in preparing for a conference call. Firstly, ensure you’re working with reliable speed and a trusted provider. Secondly, do a quick check of all your currently running smart devices and background apps on your PC, and turn off those you won’t be needing during your video call.

This minimizes any “bandwidth hogs” in your internet connection, helping you achieve smoother, crystal clear video calls. Disruptive internet activity will often result in choppy audio or pixelated screens, rendering you illegible during your meeting.

Choose a reliable service

Lastly, it’s important to work with a reliable platform with first-rate video conferencing technology.

Choose a provider that prioritizes audio quality, helping you ensure clear-cut, efficient communication with your colleagues during video calls. Some services may require financial investment to make use of their quality tools, though these may be well worth it in the long run in achieving greater workplace collaboration.

A speedy internet connection and the best audio gadgets can only do so much; without a trusted, reliable platform, your conference calls can remain lackluster.

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