10 VoIP features that help drive business growth

10 VoIP features that help drive business growth

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the new standard of business communication in a time when landline subscriptions continue to plummet. VoIP gives businesses exciting opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer experience. It’s a critical part of digital transformation and one that can drive growth in many different ways.

Here are 10 VoIP features you can take advantage of:

#1. Video conferencing

Mobile and cloud computing has empowered workforce mobility, so employees can now work from anywhere that has an internet connection. However, this setup can get in the way of good teamwork if you don’t have the right communications infrastructure. Video conferencing helps bring teams together in virtual meeting rooms no matter where participants are located.

#2. Voicemail to email

The best business communications solutions are fully integrated and can accommodate a wide range of channels. Email remains the preferred way of keeping in touch, and it’s a central part of the office worker’s daily routine. Having voicemails delivered direct to email and even transcribed into text can save time and boost performance.

#3. Automated attendants

A VoIP auto-attendant is a virtual assistant that provides an interactive experience. For instance, it helps direct callers to the right person or department just by using the keypad on their phones. Previously, this feature was only available with expensive enterprise-grade private branch exchanges (PBX), but thanks to VoIP, it’s now available to every organization.

#4. Call queuing

No one likes to wait in line, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. VoIP eases customers’ frustrated nerves while waiting by automating call queuing to make sure every caller gets to speak to the right person as soon as possible. Added to that is the function to set music on hold so callers don’t think they’ve been disconnected during the wait.

#5. Seamless scalability

VoIP is typically hosted in the cloud, which means you can access your account from any device with an internet connection, microphone, and speaker. Rather than being restricted to the deskphone, employees can use their own devices regardless of the operating system and other software they’re running.

#6. Call rerouting

The find me/follow me feature is standard in all business-grade VoIP solutions. It reroutes incoming calls automatically to ensure callers get to speak to the right person with a minimal waiting time. For example, if there’s no one answering the deskphone, the call can be rerouted to a mobile device so that employees can take calls even when they’re on the go.

#7. Digital recording

Call recording is essential for employee training and, in some cases, resolving customer disputes. All business-grade VoIP solutions have digital call recording for both phone calls and video conferences. That way, you always have an archive of all communications if you need to review them later.

#8. Click to call

You’ve probably already noticed those click-to-call buttons that feature on many business websites. For instance, if you have Skype installed on your computer with the click-to-call feature enabled, users can call/get in touch/reach you just by clicking the icon. The system automatically detects phone numbers and allows users to call the number without having to manually type it in.

#9. CRM integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about communications, which is why any VoIP app seamlessly integrates with your CRM system. This helps you keep track of customer contact details, support queries, past purchases, and any other interactions from a centralized web-based platform. Integration also lets employees make calls directly from the CRM software.

#10. In-call training

Improving business performance is a continuous process, and creating a culture of continual improvement helps you boost customer success and satisfaction. VoIP solutions feature built-in training features that allow supervisors to privately “whisper” to employees during a call or intervene in more difficult situations.

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