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scott-costello1Guest post by Scott Costello, Home: Living in the Heart of Florida
Many businesses slow down or stop advertising during tough markets.  They do this because they view advertising as a necessary evil.  History shows that those who spend on their business during down markets have the largest gains in growth when the market turns around.  Before you decide to advertise though, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For starters, it is important to remember a few guidelines when it comes to advertising:

  1. Understand the Reason you are advertising. Are you advertising to bring in new customers or to keep your name out there?  Is it for product sales or branding?  Are you looking to gain market share or protect market share?  Know why you are advertising before signing the contract.
  2. Repetition breeds Recognition. A common mistake is to try and go with a media blitz.  It is far more effective to have a smaller ad, but be seen regularly than to go all out with one ad and then be gone.  Remember that you are advertising to a passing parade, not a standing army.
  3. Value Does Not Always Equal Low Price. It is important to compare apples to apples.  If you are told that you could buy a car for $10,000 or a car for $20,000, are you automatically going to go for the cheaper car or are you going to ask more questions?  What are you getting for that price?  Advertising is the same thing.  Ask the questions to establish value before agreeing to the purchase.  What is your circulation?  Where are you distributed?  What is the value added?
  4. Create a Balanced Approach. So you have bought in that you need to advertise.  You realize that frequency is important.  You have found out which medium is the best choice for you.  Now what?  Balance out your campaign.  Balance does not mean buying ads in 7 publications or 3 TV stations and thinking you are diversified.  Do your research and find the best of each medium that fits for you.  TV, Radio, Print, Electronic all work.  Together, you have a much better chance of being remembered by your target audience.
  5. Be Consistent. It is important if you are delivering your message to be consistent.  This doesn’t mean you can’t change up your campaign.  It does mean that if you want to maximize results, have your mediums work together to deliver a consistent message.  In most cases, your representatives for the different mediums willingly will work together to deliver a consistent message.  If your message is being seen, heard and read, the chances of your potential clients remembering you increase exponentially.

Scott Costello is the Owner/Publisher of HOME: Living in the Heart of Florida.  To contact Scott, you can email him at or you can reach him by phone at (352) 372-5854.

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