Create Secure Passwords to Better Protect Your Business

Calgary Technology SecurityWhether it’s your email, your banking information or confidential business information, our team of trusted technology specialists works hard to ensure that you’re protected from illegitimate attempts to access your information. However, there are a few things that you should do to keep your information safe; starting with your password.

Keep your login information safe and secure by following these simple steps: 

  1. Every online service you use should have its own unique password.
    Make sure you’re using a separate password for all your online accounts. If your username and password are stolen from one site, they can be used to log into your other online accounts. Even reputable websites have their password databases stolen from time to time; using the same password across many different sites increase the chance that your password could end up on a list of stolen passwords. The more accounts you have with the same password, the more data you’ll lose if that password is stolen.
  2. Store your password in a safe place.
    Research has shown that one of the most common reasons people reuse certain passwords, is because they worry about remembering multiple passwords. If you’ve created too many passwords and it’s becoming hard to remember them, make a list. Keep your list in a safe place that can’t be accessed or lost. A trusted password manager would be a good option if you prefer to manage your passwords digitally. Chrome and many other web browsers have free password managers built-in.
  3. 3.     Make sure your password is difficult and unpredictable.
    “Password.” “123456.” “Firstname.Lastname.” Potential attackers know all of the commonly used passwords. Make your passwords longer, or more complicated. Think of a phrase or sentence that’s relevant to you; then use it to create a unique password. For example, think of a personal message like “I want to get better at remembering my passwords.” Now recreate this into a password with numbers, symbols, and the first letters of each word – iw2gb@rm9. Avoid using popular lyrics or phrases; research suggests that people typically gravitate towards the same phrases.  

Use the tips above to protect your valuable business information online or even on your own server, as well as any other accounts you may have by resetting your important passwords.

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