Network and IT Assessments

Do you know exactly what is happening on your business network?

Can you recover all your data quickly if a server crashes?

How long will you be out of action if you experience a technology failure?

Is your current outsourced computer support company taking care of all your IT needs?

Do you know exactly the current state of your IT systems? 

Many business owners are blind to the hidden issues that lurk within their company networks. They take the word of their IT provider or internal technology professional that everything is running properly and everything is working as designed. Sometimes a business falls into complacency and just assumes everything is OK.

But are they?

Do you need a second opinion? When your company engages In-Touch IT to review your business network, you can trust us to dig deep into your network, leaving no stone unturned and making sure that your IT systems are working properly, your antivirus is up-to-date, system patches are applied and that you have a backup you can recover from when needed.

In-Touch IT will take inventory of all your systems, discuss business goals with you and your management team and provide recommendations based on what we find. In-Touch IT will provide you with all findings, discuss recommendations with you in plain English and let you know how urgent our findings are.

Do you need a second opinion from certified IT professionals?

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