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Prevention: Utilizing In-Site™ network monitor, Vision™ allows us to prevent many problems avoiding future downtime. No Incentive: No incentive exists to get to the root of a problem.  Client and engineer are always under pressure to be time sensitive.
Partnership: We can schedule our engineers to increase our utilization rate, and because we have a predictable, ongoing relationship with clients we can significantly discount additional services. Adversarial: Much like our relationships with our doctor, clients only see us when they have a problem
Uptime: This is a mutually beneficial relationship where we both are rewarded for uptime. Problems: We are more profitable when the client has network problems
Budgeted: Reasonable monthly fee is less expensive than large network repair charges and downtime. Expensive: The most expensive way for both In-Touch and the client to interact.
Proactive: Allows us freedom to be proactive with network maintenance. No Maintenance: Regular network maintenance goes undone.
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