In-Touch IT Exceeds The Unique IT Needs of a Healthcare Organization

Healthcare IT Services GeorgiaTaking care of a client’s technology needs involves more than just fixing computer problems. To meet their client’s information technology (IT) needs, an IT firm must have a thorough understanding of the company’s business objectives and how they use technology to achieve them. This is the type of service that In-Touch IT provides to all their clients.

In-Touch IT specializes in meeting the unique IT needs of healthcare organizations. Healthcare clinics and businesses throughout the United States are dependent on IT now more than ever to provide quality health services to their patients.  They face increasing compliance pressures with HIPAA and HITECH.  Changes to HIPAA with the 2013 Omnibus rules are impacting the way medical clinics, covered entities and their business associates protect patient information. HIPAA rules require that healthcare organizations and their technology services keep all patient records secure and private.

In-Touch IT understands the technical complexities that healthcare organizations deal with every day; like those of their client who provides ophthalmic care to patients in Dalton, Georgia. In-Touch IT secures and backs up all their patient information according to HIPAA regulations. In-Touch also ensures that their Compulink EMR software runs efficiently; and when questions arise, In-Touch IT works with Compulink and their client to resolve issues quickly and completely.

Security is essential and nothing can be left to chance.  In-Touch IT provides this security to the clinic’s 76 workstations and network by ensuring:

  • Testing is run on all system updates,
  • Security solutions are in place to prevent Internet threats from entering the network,
  • Electronic communications and correspondence meets HIPAA requirements,
  • Computer systems run efficiently,
  • Both hardware and software are kept up to date, and
  • The client has access to In-Touch services 24/7.

“We outsource everything to In-Touch IT and with their service, we’re confidant that we meet all the Meaningful-Use Stage-2, HIPAA and HITECH requirements.  In-Touch IT’s highly trained professionals make our IT vision a reality! They’re the Best IT Guys!”  (Clinic representative)

In-Touch IT has been serving businesses for over 20 years, providing state-of-the-art IT management solutions through their Vision™ Initiatives.  They provide IT Management, Support, Hosting and Data Backup Services to businesses nationwide. 

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