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What is the cloud, and how can the cloud benefit your business?

The cloud is here to stay and many business owners across North Georgia are now looking to cloud computing and cloud services to lower IT costs, maximize efficiencies and provide anywhere access to all business information.  Is the cloud right for you?

With several major players like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM offering cloud-hosting services, cloud computing as a concept is dominating discussions today.

  • Are you unsure what cloud computing is and how it could help your business?
  • Do you feel like your IT investment is high and not giving you a comparable return?
  • Are you struggling with the conflict between keeping IT costs low but still providing access to up to date infrastructure and technology?
  • Do you find yourself wishing it was easier and you could just pay as you go?

In-Touch IT offers business across North Georgia a trusted advisor who can help make sense of the cloud and the benefits or even hidden risks to moving information to cloud servers and cloud service providers.  Ranging from complex ERP/CRM applications, e-mail services to your business applications. The cloud provides an alternative to traditional on-premise servers and other technology services.

Cloud computing will also increase your backup and disaster recovery options.  Cloud backup and disaster recovery services can take regular snapshots of your server and back them up to a secure data center. When the need arises, you can recover rapidly or even run your server virtually from backup data center.

The cloud can offer Georgia businesses many benefits, however all the risks and rewards must be addressed.  Call In-Touch IT and book a no-obligation review of your cloud requirements.

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